$20 Podium Build


I have never been excited about nor proficient in the art of sitting still.  My inability to master this skill as a student would at times lead to issues in the classroom, my inability to master this skill as a teacher would lead to the construction of the podium displayed in the photo.  My first year of teaching I was constantly running to my desk to reference a textbook or source during classes when I finally had enough of the back-and-fourth and walking around with open books in my hand.  I knew what had to be done so I went home, got on amazon, and quickly realized that I would be building my own podium instead of spending between $80 and $1000 dollars for one.  I had no experience, examples, or instruction on podium construction so I came up with a design that was simple to execute and made sense to me.  The podium pictured is the exact podium that I built my first year of teaching.  It was very effective in the classroom but now resides in my shop were I still use it daily (hence the dirt, dust, and chipped paint).  Listed below are the materials needed and their approximate cost (not including paint and fasteners) as well as some close ups of how the podium is constructed.

Materials needed:

1 – 2″x4″x8′ untreated ($3.50)

1 – 4″x4″x6′ untreated ($7)

1 – 2’x2’x1/2″ plywood sheet ($6.50)

1 – 1″x2″x2′ wood strip ($2.50)

You will need to cut the 2×4 into four 16″ lengths and three 10″ lengths.


Cut the 4x4x6 to 40 inches in length straight on one side and at a 45 degree angle on the other.


You will arrange the four 16″ pieces of 2×4 as shown in the picture and screw them to both the straight end of the 4×4 as well as each other where they contact.



Keeping the top of the boards flush with the top of the 4×4 on the angled end, screw a 10″ long board into each side of the 4×4 as they will support your podium platform. Then screw the third 10″ board to the ends of the other two 10″ boards to reinforce them and give you even more support for your platform.


Next, align and justify the plywood on the supports and angled end of your 4×4 to your liking and screw it to all three 10″ supports as well as the angled surface of the 4×4 upright.

Lastly, align the 1″x2″ strip flush with the bottom edge of the plywood and screw it to the plywood platform. All that is left to do is paint or stain and your podium is complete.


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