My pride, the never-failing vise of tools.



When I first began tinkering with metal and wood I quickly found that I had a strong need for a bench vise. I also found that I had a strong need for more money in order to buy a bench vise large enough for my projects. As I researched prices and reviews of multiple large vises I found that they ranged between $200 and $3000 dollars and were well out of my price range. Fortunately I was dumb enough to avoid discourage with my lack of funds and felt that I could probably come up with something that would work for the time being. I ended up welding a flat piece of metal to a car jack to act as the moving jaw and then welded that to the flat side of a piece of channel iron. I then welded a thick piece of plate and braced it to the same piece of channel to act as the stationary jaw. I used an old trailer rim as the base of the vise and welded some angle iron for the upright support and braces. The final product (as seen in the pictures) could possibly be the ugliest, dumbest, and most useful thing that I have ever made. I used this contraption for years before I finally bought a bench vise and still opt to use it over a bench vise at times these days. Though ugly, I love this thing and I am extremely proud of how well it works and how it is still as functional today as it was ten years ago, hence the knocked-off Alexander Pope Title.



P.s. For the left-brained readers Alexander Pope was a late 17th, early 18th century English poet. One of his famous quotes is “Is pride, the never-failing vice of fools.” Thanks for reading, please like, comment, and follow!

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