Wen Bandsaw Jewelry Box


This is a fun, fast, and easy rough finished jewelry box that can be done made in a variety of ways.  The tools that I used were a band saw,  router,  drill, and a belt sander, but hand tools can be used to make this box as well.  I used a very pretty piece of cedar log which gave the box a unique look. In projects such as these, I have found my band saw to be the most valuable tool in my wood working ventures.  Band saws can be bought for $130 and up and do get rather expensive.  I highly recommend the Wen 10″ band saw for any new wood worker.  At around $240 this band saw is of very high quality for the price.  The Wen 10″ band saw offers a the right amount of power and ability for pretty much any project a home shop wood worker would need.  For more information and reviews on this tool click the amazon link below.

Wen 10″ Bandsaw




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