WEN-Win Situation


WEN 10″ Bandsaw

Like many others that I know I donate a decent amount of my annual income to Amazon.  As a school teacher, my entire annual income will not impress anyone and I simply cannot afford to buy big name tools very often.  With that being said, many projects that I routinely enjoy are made so much easier by tools that are often expensive and seemingly out of my budget.  I have, in the past, bought cheaper tools with hopes of them suiting my non-professional needs only to end up selling them for scrap after a few uses due to burned up motors or electrical issues.  Fortunately I stumbled upon WEN tools a few years ago and have been a believer since.


The WEN brand is carried by some of the larger home improvement stores in the U.S. and this company’s tools are available for purchase online via several other big box stores.  There products are widely available and easily purchased on Amazon, which is the route I take to buy them.  I am not claiming that WEN products are the greatest tools on the market, but I have had much success with them and find myself looking to the WEN brand anytime I am on the market for a new tool.  Although WEN may not be the brand that comes to mind when discussing top of the line tools, they are very affordable and reliable comparably.  Without the quality and price point of WEN tools, there are many projects that I would have on the back-burner due to the cost of the tools needed to complete them.  I have used all of my WEN tools heavily and have yet to experience a problem with any of them.  In fact, this brand consistently receives four star and above reviews by the customers that have purchased and used them.


The bottom line is this, WEN tools have allowed me to get into many wood and metal working hobbies much quicker than I would be able to if they were not available.  One day I may be able to afford and purchase the big brand name tools, but for now I am very appreciative of the quality and affordability that this brand has consistently offered me.  I would like to close by saying that I have not been compensated in any way, shape, or form by WEN tools for this review, I just appreciate a quality, consistent product at an affordable price.  I am a member of the Amazon Associate program however, and any links that you click to Amazon on my site aid in the growth and development of tool-school.com.


Below are links to several WEN tools that I own and use weekly, as well as information on pricing and customer reviews.

WEN Belt and Disc Sander

WEN Spindle Sander

WEN Handheld Electric Planer

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8 thoughts on “WEN-Win Situation”

  1. Yes, I have a WEN 2-directional knife sharpener I purchased for $99 plus free shipping. Sure saves the time of making something from a re-purposed Harbor Freight tool and really beats the $400 price tag of a JET knife sharpener.


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