Deebot, or Jesus?

The first time I woke up last night I realized that our electricity was out due to the lack of fan noise and pitch black darkness. The second time I woke up last night I was fairly certain that the rapture was happening.  I was awakened by a loud commotion in the hallway outside of our bedroom that made absolutely no sense to a half-dozed me so I assumed the obvious, Jesus had returned for us.  Kind of scared, and very disoriented, I did what any man would do, I sent my wife to investigate as I speed-repented to ensure I would not be left behind.  Just as I was about to begin the confessions of my teenage years my wife came back into the room with some less than divine news.  Although there was indeed a saver of lives in the hall, it was not our heavenly father, it was Deebot.


Apparently when the electricity comes back on it triggers Deebot to do its thing, who knew?  This little vacuum is actually pretty quiet and could easily go undetected running at night.  The only reason it was so loud in our hallway was due to my remodeling project that has many uneven thresholds between rooms that must be jumped by this bad boy.  My wife got this vacuum for Christmas and has put some miles on it.  We have  hardwood floors throughout our house and they get abused by dirt, dust, and three babies.  I am very surprised at how effective this vacuum is at reducing dirt, dust, and cheerios on a daily basis.  It is not the most expensive one out there, but I would highly recommend it.  Though definitely not Jesus, my wife swears this vacuum is heavenly, and even though I am kind of disappointed that the roll was not called up yonder, I am pretty happy that I do not have to sweep today.

The link below will provide you with pricing, information, and over 3500 reviews on the Deebot vacuum.

Deebot Vacuum

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4 thoughts on “Deebot, or Jesus?”

    1. I know all about that nightmare. The Deebot will not make your bed or cook you supper, but it does cut down on the sweeping and dry mopping that you have to do a good bit and is pretty affordable compared to other brands.


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