This Little Light of Mine….

Last summer I began a whole-house subfloor replacement project that took me to hell and back.  I was only able to replace about 20% of the subflooring  needing replacement, but I learned a lot and developed an efficient system for doing the job so when it resumes this summer I expect that completion percentage to drastically increase.  If I had to guess I would say that I spent 30-40% of my work time last summer discovering which tools and what strategies I needed to employ to get the job done most efficiently.  One tool I came across that proved to be a literal bright spot in a summer full of darkness and gloom was the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Super Bright LED Headlamp  from Outdoor Pro Gear.

I actually bought this headlamp, and a headlamp of a different brand at the same time in an attempt to avoid being left in the dark should one or the other not hold up to the tasks I intended it to accomplish.  In a rare stroke of good luck on my behalf I ended up really liking both lights as they both have features that the other does not.  Though not an apples to apples, there really is no comparison, the Lighthouse Beacon quickly became my go to light.

With its zoom focus beam, high/ low and strobe settings,  rugged construction, and excellent battery life, the Lighthouse Beacon Headlamp is a steal at its price point.  It spent hundreds of hours illuminating dark rooms and hallways as I replaced subflooring last summer and spent many more in the damp, cramped, moist, and muddy crawlspace under my house with me as I trenched, plumbed, pumped out water, and installed a moisture barrier.  Though I punished this little light last summer I was not kind enough to give it the winter off, it guided me through numerous jobs both wet and dry, outings in the woods, and rainy nights putting out the trash to the road and remains as reliable as the day I removed it from the box.

Surely everybody knows a “flashlight” guy or gal, the type of person that seems to collect anything that illuminates the space immediately in front of them, I am definitely not that guy.  Before I bought this light the brightest thing going in my house was a plastic piece of junk that I swore made a room darker when its button was switched to the on position.  I now have a great appreciation for this little light after it went to hell and back with me and proved to be a valuable tool that can make a job a lot easier to complete.

If you find yourself facing a project, outing, job, or activity where hands free illumination is needed, the Lighthouse Beacon will definitely shine some positive, reliable light on the situation.  Check out the link below for pricing information and more customer reviews on the Lighthouse Beacon Headlamp.

Lighthouse Beacon Headlamp

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