Wreincarnation: The Definitive Proof.

The fear of throwing something away or getting rid of something that I may one day have a use for is an ever-present force in my daily life.  No matter how useless or tattered an item may seem, or actually be, I struggle.  Do not get me wrong, I do not cling to old pizza boxes and cat turds as if they were ancient family heirlooms as seen on TV, but if it is wood or metal, I struggle.  So of course when I came across an old combination wrench with two broken ends as I was organizing my shop a few months back I quickly bypassed the trash can to deposit it in my tbd bin.  Fast-forward a few months, and Voila!



With a little forging, sanding, and file work I was able to turn the old broken wrench into a knife for splitting wood and small logs/branches for use in my numerous wood working and carving projects.  I have only used it a few times thus far but it works extremely well for splitting smaller timber.  Although this hunk of metal has seen its first life come and go, I think that it will see just as much use and even more appreciation in its second.

If you are looking for a good source on knife making check out this knife-making beginner’s guide .  It has a lot of good info for making knives out of various new and used materials.


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